He made caricatures for several publications in the Belgian press. He was the honourable guest at festivals in Saint Just Le Martel, Dubai, Orlando, Porto, Tokyo, Las Vegas …

His most important publications are four caricature books: Bekketrekkers uit Belgenland (1989), Het Laatste Testament der Belgen (1993), De Kunst van de Karikatuur (1996 - published in Dutch and French and translated into Korean and Chinese), Famous Corpses (2006).

You can visit this exhibition in the European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem-Belgium, every sunday from the 21th of March till the 15th of June, from 10 till 12AM and from 2 till 5PM.

Caricatures of Jan Op De Beeck

From the 21th of March till the 15th of June the European Cartoon Center presents the exhibition ‘Geperste Koppen’. The famous caricaturist Jan Op De Beeck shows more than hundred caricatures of national and international known personalities, artists, politicians, sportsmen ...

Op De Beeck was born in Congo in 1958 and moved into Belgium in 1960. He obtained a mastership in 1979 at Sint-Thomas in Brussels and graduated in model drawing at the Royal Academy in Mechelen. He started teaching arts in 1979 at the Coloma Institute in Mechelen.

He won several awards in Belgium, France, Poland, Portugal and Iran and was elected in 2003 as 'World's Best Caricaturist' by the Professional cartoonists in Iran. At the National Caricaturist Network Convention in Orlando in 2006 he won two first prizes: "Portfolio of the year" and "Master of the year"... In 2007 he won the first prize at the NCN convention: "Portfolio of the year".