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Gepubliceerd op 02-05-2016 om 10:58u

door Fernand Vogels

Brand new site

Today is a very special day, because we launch our brand new website. After more than 10 years it was necessary to have an update of our site.  As the ECC is a 100% volunteer organisation without a structural sponsoring we are not always able to do things as fast as we like. But from now on you can follow our updates also on all kinds of mobile devices, you can share all information of this site to your friends by social media buttons and we have added an online web galery, so we can show tempory exhibitions online.


Also new is our online webshop.


Ofcourse we continu to give you all information about cartoon contests around the world, and you still find all information about our own activities in the European Cartoon Center on this brand new website.


Our main aim for this website is still to make information accessible for cartoonists and cartoon lovers. So no website that is only focused on visuals with basic information, but a full cartoon information site.


The old weblog of the ECC is now replaced and now integrated in this now website. We will keep you updated on all cartoon events and adventures. Step by step we will publish old, but still relevant blog articles to this new place.


So I really invite you to just have a look on the new site, and just let us know what you think about it.


Love to see you here soon again.




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