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Gepubliceerd op 22-12-2016 om 11:50u

door Fernand Vogels

Branko Najhold passed away

Jury meeting 2009
Opening ceremony ECC
With Rudy opening ECC
Cartoon museum conference  Zemun
cartoon museum conference Kruishoutem

Friday the 16th of December our friend Branko Najhold passed away. Branko was the founder and organizer of the Zemun cartoon contest in Serbia. He was a great fan of cartoon art and was a great friend of a lot of international cartoonists.

About the contest of Zemun he had a few strong principles: the contest was only on invitation and you could only be a jury member for once. Together with his wife Bojana he realised some great cartoon exhibitions with limited means.


Our president, Rudy, did meet Branko for the first time in 2007. It was the start of a lot of exchanges between Branko and the ECC.  Branko attended the opening ceremony of the ECC that same year and in 2009 he was jury member of the Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem 'Sand, Pebble and Gravel' .


Branko and Bojana were the hosts of the 3th cartoon museum meeting that took place in Zemun in 2011 and he was a year later in Kruishoutem again for the 4th edition of the meeting and the birthday party of the ECC.


This summer Branko was so proud that he finaly got a great place to create a cartoon library in Zemun.


Branko was not only a great cartoon lover, he was interested in a lot of things, as in history and archeology and in African Art. A wise and very nice man. I will remember him as 'an observer', a person that likes a great discussion and the man with the eternal sigaret in his hands.


Branko did reach the age of 69 years.


We will miss him!




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