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Announcement 24th Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem


For the 24th time already our association is organizing its biennial cartoon contest 'Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem'. In the first place we would like to thank all participants of the previous editions for their continued participation in this contest. 


We are proud on the achievements since our first edition in 1978.The continued increase in the number of participants, entries and participating countries, and especially the quality of the works, proves the trust cartoonists put in our organization.


The theme of this 24th edition is 'Future of Mobility: on the Road to CAR-(u)topia' . Deadline is the 10th of January 2023. On our website you can check the list of participants to see if you works arrived. The entry list is updated daily.


The conditions for participants and more information about how to upload your cartoons on the participants digital platform can be found in the rules


Reflections by the main sponsor Sofico on the theme Future of Mobility - On the Road to CAR-(u)topia


The future of mobility can not be defined in one word. However, while no-one can predict the future, it’s safe to say the future of mobility is versatile: from using different means of transportation in a single trip or to travel the same road, to becoming more sustainable. While this evolution is reshaping the outlook of mobility, it also offers the opportunity to make mobility more fun. To make it an experience to enjoy. As the world’s leading supplier of mission-critical software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet, and mobility management companies, Sofico is dedicated to paving the way and to facilitate its customers into making this transition.