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Exhibitions - ART PARODY - Sergey Sichenko (Israel)

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From 19 september till 19 december 2021

Sergey Sichenko is a professional artist, caricaturist and art-teacher.
He was born in 1958 in Kharkov (Ukraine). In 1985 he graduated as Master in Arts at the Moscow Artistic Institute. He worked as a teacher at the Kharkov Art Industrial Institute.


Since 1996 he has been living in Israel. He had 10 solo cartoons exhibitions and won 90 prizes in international cartoon competitions. He was jury member of international caricature contests in China, Azerbaijan, Poland and Israel.


Humour and irony are the main components in his art. In his work, Sergey Sichenko is not preoccupied with one single topic. Above everything he values impressions – that magic kaleidoscope of life. His works are created with the use of different techniques such as painting, drawing, caricature and photography.


The title of his cartoon exhibition is "ART PARODY".

The exhibition introduces the viewer to the history of visual arts, as it is seen by the artist through the lenses of humour, irony and satire.
Over a hundred paintings and sculptures created by famous masters are being given a new meaning, thus inviting the viewer to take part in a game of rethinking and rediscovering the famous masterpieces.

Sergey worked on this satirical project over several years, every time discovering something new and unusual in the old masterpieces. His aim was to find a new philosophical level and thus to give the famous works of art a contemporary significance. The caricatures are created by using different techniques, such as: watercolours, gouache painting, drawing, computer graphics and collage. Sichenko believes that every painting or sculpture that he captures in his caricatures demands its own special visual tools.

All the parodies are exhibited in a chronological order, and each one is provided with a link to the original work of art and its artist.

You can visit his exhibition "ART PARODY" in the ECC from 19 September till 19 December 2021, every Sunday from 10 till 12am and from 2 till 5pm.