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Exhibitions - Open-air exhibition 'The Clear Line'

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From 23 december till 24 january 2021

Our colleagues of the George van Raemdonckkartoenale Boechout organized their 15th cartoon competition in 2020. As always, the themes are carefully chosen and this year the theme was "The Clear Line".

The theme naturally refers to Hergé who managed to suggest countless other lines with a few clear lines without detracting from the whole. In line with that drawing style, this cartoon competition became an invitation to cartoonists to go back to the essence. Cartoons that are rough and authentic, with a clear surface division and clean lines or drawings with only contour lines. Others then went to work with the 'clear line' concept themselves. The line as any sequence of points (geometric, physical, imaginary,…) such as a pipeline or a line of action,….


You will notice it as a theme that could appeal to the creativity of many cartoonists. This year, 1030 cartoons from 268 cartoonists from 54 different countries were submitted.


A selection of some 100 cartoons are now on display together with the prize-winning works in an open-air exhibition at the European Cartoon Center - on the square in René D'Huyvetterstraat - 9770 Kruisem. An ideal relaxation during a winter walk.