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House cartoonist 2019: Quirit

Quirit is the 2019 house cartoonist of the European Cartoon Center.

Quirit is the pseudonym of Jean-Marie Mathues. As house cartoonist he has his personal exhibition in the ECC during the summer.


Jean-Marie was born in Tienen (Belgium) in 1953. In 1976 he made his debut as a cartoonist in the magazine Knack. His fame grew thanks to his publications in the satirical weekly De Zwijger by Johan Anthierens during the first half of the 1980s.


His work has since appeared in about 70 newspapers and magazines in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, USA, England ... In 1982 he published his first book 'Doe de Kiwi' at Van Halewyck Publishers.


He published, among others, in P-Magazine and Gazet van Antwerpen. In other countries, he published in De Volkskrant (Netherlands), Neue Revue (Germany), Punch (England) and Quo (France).


In the US, his drawings were used on condom packaging and his drawings were published by Extreme Humor (Noble Works). His work has been collected in 20 albums at Van Halewyck (Belgium), Glénat (France) and Achterbahn (Germany).


In Knokke-Heist he won a first prize in 2014 and a second prize in the Press Cartoon Belgium in 2005, and a second prize in Press Cartoon Europe in 2015.




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