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From 09 october till 18 december 2011

"The formation of a government can last some days, some weeks, even some months. It’s also possible that different informants and formateurs are pointed out." says the website of the Belgian government.


But it seems that it could be longer. Belgium is now the world record-holder in the formation of a government. And every day this record is growing!


It is a tragicomedy of government formation, transfer of competences, linguistic legislation, fiscal autonomy, economies, Brussels and the famous Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde,… The sequence story of many Flemish and Wallon politicians… And in the meantime, the king is at his wits’ end.


We are telling the story from the day following the elections on June 13th 2010 till now with critical and humoristic drawings of press cartoonists from both sides of our country: Canary Pete, Griet, Klier, Lectrr, André Nollet, Erwin Vanmol, Vejo, Marec, De Bolle ... and Cécile Bertrand, Pierre Kroll, Sondron, Vadot, Cost ... The different ways to consider the political impasse.


The exhibition can be visited at the European Cartoon Centre, Brugstraat s/n in Kruishoutem, every Sunday from 10 – 12 a.m. and 2 – 5 p.m., from October 9th until December 18th. Groups of 10 persons and more are also welcome by appointment on other days.


Some examples ...