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Gepubliceerd op 03-08-2016 om 13:38u

door Saskia Gheysens

Pokemon Go and cartoons

Pokémon (or Pocket Monsters) and cartoons there is something to tell about that. The original Pokémon was a Japanese Anime (animation film) series (and Game Boy game) made by Satoshi Tajiri that was very popular in the 90's.


The new Pokemon Go augmented reality game is a real hype in Belgium (and a lot of other countries where it is allready available). In the first week after the release, my husband and I, went for a little evening walk in our home town Leuven. Yes, we heard about Pokémon Go, as all TV channels and newspapers did announce the game and asked people to be aware of the fact they are playing in a public area with traffic.



So during our walk, at one simple moment we were surrounded by twenty young people (age 20-30 years old) all walking with the smartphone in front of them and the eyes concentrated on the screen. It was a really strange situation and we did understand that it were Pokémon players and we were at the right place, at the right time ( walking in front of a Pokémon stop, where these little monsters were lurked for 30 minutes).


I must admit that I am the type of girl that really likes to understand these things by action and so I did install the game myself and I am really impressed by the game: it is well developed, when I am on the fish market I see Fish monsters, when I am in town Rats and in the woods I see Mushroomtype little things. I really find it impressive how every place is linked to the monsters. Youngsters come outside to play in the open air, they have to walk before they can hedge an egg, ... .


Side effects: crossing streets without looking, playing on the bicycle or while driving the car, interupting discussions because 'I have to catch a Pokémon', and it is a real addiction.


A lot of people who don't play the game are very critical about it and think it is a game for dumn, silly players (I can assure you that it is strategic and it stimulates to collaborate with others, some scientists even state that it helps for people suffering depressions and social fears).


A real hype and so the cartoon monsters are figuring themselves in press cartoons around the world. We show you some of them in our cartoon gallery.


See you soon again for the next hype


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