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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2017 om 11:37u

door Saskia Gheysens

The ECC in June

June was a busy month for the crew of the European Cartoon Center.


We like to share some of our great cartoon moments during the past month.



Our president Rudy and Dominique gathered in Bodrum - Turkye for the jury meeting of the cartoon festival Aydin Dogan. What a great experience! Nice meetings, well organised, very warm welcome, great cartoons, ... what to say more. 




In the meanwhile the other team members did prepare the exhibitions of the Swiss Oskar Weiss and Russian Andrei Popov.


The opening ceremony was on the 24th of June and the exhibition is amazing. Just come and see it during this summer.


But the day before our president had an other serious task to accomplish: jury meeting George Van Raemdonckkartoenale Boechout.


The 25th of June was the opening ceremony of the Sportcartoonale of the Sportimonium in Hofstade with theme 'Sport in future'. Belgian Stefaan Provijn won the contest.


And a bit strange, but the opening ceremony of one of the oldest cartoon contests in the world: Knokke-Heist was last Saturday. The last Belgian cartoon event of the month June.


So, time to lay back for a moment and to enjoy the beautiful cartoons you can view around the world.


Thanks to Dominique, Ronald and Luc for the pics!


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