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Gepubliceerd op 28-04-2018 om 12:36u

door Fernand Vogels

Walk like an Egyptian ...

From the 15th of April till the 25th the 5th Cartoon Gathering Cairo Egypt took place.

Belgium was the special guest and for this raison the 'Cartoons from Belgium' exhibition, curated by the European Cartoon Center, had a prominent place at the central exhibition hall.


For the opening ceremony we travelled to Cairo with cartoonists Norbert Van Yperzeele, Tony Houbrechts and O-sekoer. And in one sentence I could say: what a great welcome by Fawzy, Ahmed and the whole team. There was time to discover the rich Egyptian heritage, contacts between international cartoonists and a lot of cartoon activities.


On Sunday we had the opening ceremony, in presence of a lot of press and the Minister of Culture. With dance and music. The works were very well displayed and with over 600 cartoons at the main exhibition hall, it is one of the biggest exhibitions I had seen so far. Perhaps there were too much cartoons, because it was very difficult to stay focused on the works.

The theme for this 5th gathering was 'Sports' and the main topic of the caricatures was the Primier League player of Liverpool: Salah Mohamed. 


On Monday it was the Belgian day we gave a presentation about Belgian Cartoon History and there was a debat with a lot of great questions by the Egyptian audience.


Tuesday we, and all foreign cartoonists, were invited to the residence of the Belgian embassy in Cairo. Mr. Ludo Rochette and his lovely wife Solange were the perfect hosts, we could talk to the ambassador and her husband and representatives of France, Poland, Ireland, the European Commission, etc. ... a great opportunity to promote Belgian cartoon art. We like to say a special thanks to the embassy for their hospitality.


On Wednesday we had the Urkrain party with the opening ceremony of a personal show by Vladimir Kazanevsky with Egyptian cartoons - did you know that Vladimir his favourit Egyptian God is Bess. So we decided that from now on, Bess is the protector of all cartoonists. He gave also a great talk about the core elements of cartoons.


Before saying goodbye we had a great gathering between the cartoonists and held workshops.


It was great to be present at this gathering: well organised, warm and professional. Keep on the good work and hope to see you soon in Belgium.


Thanks also to the Ministry of Culture in Egypt and the Flemish department of Culture for the support.

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