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Exhibitions - Darko Drljevic - Montenegro

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From 31 march till 23 june 2024

Darko Drljevic was born in 1962 in Kolasin, Montenegro. He is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator. He has written 5 books, and is editor of the humor magazine "TUS" and president of the Montenegrin Cartoonists Association. He works for several newspapers, magazines and TV channels.


Darko's experience is evident with his impressive record of 258 awards, 65 personal exhibitions, and more than 500 group exhibitions. He was a welcome guest at cartoon gatherings in places as Zemun, Pula, Danilovgrad, Vrsac, Zajecar, Krusevac, Bijeljina, Busteni, Ploesti, Istanbul... In 2007, he organized the first international cartoon contest in Montenegro.


His exhibition in the ECC mainly shows cartoons that were awarded at international cartoon contests. So they were drawn specifically around a particular theme. Although there is also free work between them. 


'Through my cartoons I usually try to communicate a strong message. I like to be a bit philosophical, that's how I am in life. I don't like superficiality. In that sense, the banal, simple humor that some cartoonists use doesn't really fit who I am. So I think about it deeply before I start drawing and I try to make sure that the cartoons are witty and full of humor at the same time.


At the same time, I also try to present it all as artistically as possible - I'm not a fan of work that has no built-in artistic expression. For me, a cartoon must first and foremost be a valuable work of art. And also funny and with a clear and strong message. Another point that is important to me is that the cartoon represents a certain real situation. Pure imagination, fiction or illusion I find less interesting. As much as possible, I try to depict daily life in a realistic way. In the end, a cartoon is a chronicle of its time. In other words, it is history. History is in a way a kind of caricature of a certain era, and at the same time the caricature or cartoon also becomes a bit of history.'


The catalogue of the exhibition is available in our e-shop.


The exhibition at the ECC can be visited from 31 March till 23 Juin 2024, every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Also open on Easter Monday from 2 till 7pm.