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Exhibitions on tour - Cartoons from Belgium

The European Cartoon Center offers a new travelling cartoon exhibition of Belgian cartoonists, edition 2019!

9 Belgian cartoonists, all prize winners of international cartoon festivals, contributed to this unique exhibition: O-SEKOER, Luc Vernimmen, Luc Vermeersch, Stefaan Provijn, Tony Houbrechts, Ludo Goderis, Nikola Hendrickx (IOA), Constantin Sunnerberg (Cost) and Norbert Van Yperzeele.

The exhibition consists of some 100 or 150 cartoons and is a promotion for the Belgian cartoonists by the European Cartoon Center.

You can visit the 'Cartoons from Belgium' during the next weeks in


On the ECC-blog you can find articles on the opening ceremony of this exhibition in Shrewsbury and Cairo.


If you are interested to have this exhibition(s) in your museum or gallery you can contact me