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Cookie legislation

The ECC makes use of cookies to make surfing easier and more user-friendly. You can refuse cookies but if you do some parts of the website will not work or not work optimally. If you continue to visit the website without adjusting your cookie settings and click "That's OK with me", we will assume that you accept cookies being installed. Please consult our cookie policy for more information about the use of cookies and the possibility of blocking cookies at any time.


Cookie policy
A cookie is a text file that is installed in the browser of your computer or mobile device by a website's server when you consult the website. The cookie contains a unique code making it possible to recognise your browser while you visit the website ("session cookie") or during subsequent repeat visits ("permanent cookie").


Cookies may be installed by the server of the website you visit or by partners with whom the website collaborates. A website's server can read only cookies it has installed itself and has no access to other information stored on your computer or mobile device. On your computer or mobile device, cookies are stored in your browser's file directory. A cookie's contents usually consists of the name of the server that installed the cookie, an expiry date and a unique digital code.


In general, cookies make interaction between the visitor and the website easier and quicker and help visitors to surf between the various parts of a website. Cookies can also be used to make the contents of a website or advertising on a website more relevant for the visitor and adapt it to his personal taste and needs.


The ECC makes use of the following cookies:


Functional cookies
Functional cookies make it easier and more user-friendly for visitors to use the website. This includes for instance cookies that remember your preferences somewhere or store your registration details so that you don't need to enter your login and password every time you visit.


Cookies management
You can refuse cookies through your browser settings. See www.aboutcookies.org to find out the procedure for refusing cookies in the most widely used browsers.

Also, you can at any time delete installed cookies from your computer or mobile device.