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Previous Editions

19th EURO-KARTOENALE 2013 ' The Bicycle'

We received 2483 cartoons from 718 participants of 79 countries. Most participants were from Europe (57%), followed by Asia (31%), South-America (8%), North-America (3%), Africa (1%) and Oceania (0.5%).

The submitted cartoons approached the bike in all its aspects: the cycling associated with doping scandals, romantic bike rides, bicycle thefts, the bicycle as transportation ...


The prize winners are:

  • First prize: Mohsen Asadi (Iran)
  • Second prize: Constantin Pavel (Romania)
  • Third prize: Ross Thomson (UK)
  • Best European entry: Constantin Sunnerberg (Belgium)
  • Best Belgian entry: Nikola Hendrickx (Belgium)
  • Prize of the ECC: Marco D'Agostino (Italy)
  • Cover award: Angelo Campaner (Italy)
  • Honorable mention: Peter Ruge (Germany)
  • Honorable mention: Jorgo Schäfer (Germany)

Click here for the prize winning cartoons ...

and an article on the ECC-blog about the Opening Ceremony Euro-kartoenale 2013

Some pictures of the opening ceremony
and more pictures on Flickr ...


Exhibition of the best 170 cartoons in the ECC: 24th of March till the 23th of June

Opening and prize-giving ceremony: Saturday 23th of March 2013


The rules and the entry form

The list of participants and selected cartoonists ...

The members of the jury ...

Some pictures of the jury meeting ...


18th EURO-KARTOENALE 2011 'Shoes'

We received 3039 cartoons of 798 participants from 78 different countries. 70% of the participants lives in Europe, 20% in Asia, 5% in South-America, 4% in North-America and 1% in Africa.


The jury awarded the following cartoonists:

  • 1st prize: Alessandro Gatto (Italy)
  • 2nd prize: Pol Leurs (Luxembourg)
  • 3rd prize: Agim Sulaj (Italy)
  • Best European entry: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Poland)
  • Best Belgian entry: Constantin Sunnerberg (Belgium)
  • Prize of the ECC: Ross Thomson (UK)
  • Prize of the citizens of Kruishoutem: Grigori Katz (Israel)
  • Honourable mention: Valery Momot (Ukraine)
  • Honourable mention: Ludo Goderis (Belgium)
  • Honourable mention: Tony Tasco (Belgium)
  • Cover award: Angel Ramiro Zapata Mora (Colombia)

Click here to see the awarded cartoons ...

The list of participants and the cartoonists selected for the catalog and the exhibition ...

The 9 members of the jury...

Some pictures of the jury meeting...

Some pictures of the opening ceremony...


Click here for the rules and the entry form



We received 2000 cartoons of 588 participants from 70 countries. The jury selected 250 drawings for the exhibition and 100 cartoons for the catalog.


More info about the rules.


The presentation of the jury and some pictures of the judging...


The opening and prize giving ceremony of the Euro-Kartoenale 'Sand, gravel and gravel, on the 30th anniversary of the Euro-Karoenale, was a great success. Some pictures of the opening weekend ...

  • First prize: Alessandro Gatto - Italy
  • Second prize: Pawel Kuczynski - Poland
  • Third prize: Stefaan Provijn - Belgium
  • Best entry from the EU: Ross Thompson - UK
  • Best Belgian entry: Norbert Van Yperzeele
  • Prize of the ECC: Rumen Dragostinov - Bulgaria
  • Prize of the city Kruishoutem: Sagar Shirguppi - India
  • Prize of the young potential: Romy Puttevils - Belgium

Have a look at the winning cartoons...


The full list of cartoonists selected for the exhibition and the catalog can be consulted here.

On the occasion of the 17th Euro-Kartoenale traditionally a cartoonbook is published. You can order this beautiful catalog with a selection of some 100 drawings via our shop.



Out of allmost 4000 cartoons, from 992 artists of 85 countries, the jury selected 250 works for the exhibition. About 100 of them are reproduced in the catalogue. Have a look at the list of cartoonists selected for the exhibition and for the catalogue.


Have a look at some pictures of the meeting of the jury.


The opening of the 16th Euro-kartoenale 'Locks and Keys' was a big succes. Just have a look at some pictures of the opening ceremony to get an idea about the nice atmosphere on the 6th of April.


The Chinese Zang Jia Xue won the first prize, the second place was for the Belgian Luc Vernimmen and Pol Leurs got the third prize. Just have a look at the winning cartoons.


We published a catalogue with a selection of 130 cartoons. You can find this catalogue in our shop.


15th EURO-KARTOENALE - KRUISHOUTEM 2005 " The House Painter "

In 2005 we already celebrated the 15th edition of the Euro-Kartoenale.


662 cartoonists of 65 different countries competed for a price on the theme 'The Housepainter'. The country with the largest number of entries was China (87), followed by Iran (74) and . Belgium (51). We also recieved cartoons from less known countries as Azerbaijani, Ecuador, India, Japan, Libanon, Mexico, Moldavia, New Zealand, Peru, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Syria, Uzbekistan, Venezuela ...


A professional jury judged more than 2 500 works and selected 200 cartoons for the exhibition. The quality of the selection was excellent.


The winners of the 2005 contest were:

  • First prize: Luc Vermeersch - Belgium
  • Second prize: Tony Houbrechts - Belgium
  • Third prize: Yu Liang - China
  • Prize of the EU: January N. Misiak - Poland
  • Prize of Kruishoutem: Ludo Goderis - Belgium
  • Prize KEVER: Luc Vernimmen - Belgium
  • Prize FECO: Michael Kountouris - Greece
  • Cover Award: Neil Dinshington - UK
  • Honourable mention: Ivailo Tsvetkov - Bulgaria
  • Honourable mention: Agim Sulay - Italy
  • Honourable mention: Gong Yunfei - China
  • Honourable mention: Yu Xian Yao - China

Have a look at the winning cartoons !

We were proud that all prizewinners attended the opening ceremony. This is unique in the world of cartoons!

Some pictures of the opening ceremony ...


On that occasion we traditionally published a catalogue with a selection of 130 cartoons. You can find this catalogue in our shop.