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The ECC strongly welcomes your donations. These allow us to complete our collections and organise our exhibitions.


Gifts of books, cartoons and drawings


Our collection of cartoon books and original cartoon drawings has been built up over the years. Much of it has been made up from donations of cartoon book collectors and cartoonists themselves. Hence our library was named after Gustaaf Van Damme, a cartoon book collector who bequeathed us his entire collection. The former Belgian Prime Minister Jean Luc Dehaene also donated a most valuable collection when he moved homes.


The Dual Legacy


Although we hope that you will enjoy many more healthy years, inevitably the day of your passing will arrive. If you have no children and you want to prevent your heirs from paying astronomical death duties, the Dual Legacy might provide an ideal solution. In this way, you can offer part of your estate to the ECC (or any other charity of your choice) and the ECC will pay any inheritance tax that your heirs would otherwise have to pay. For this, consult your solicitor or have a look at