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Exhibitions - Seyran Caferli

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From 28 january till 09 april 2018

Seyran Caferli was born in 1966 in Imishli, Azerbaijan. His first cartoon was published in the comic magazine “KIRPI” in 1982. He graduated from the Journalistic Art Institute in 1992.


More than 1000 of his cartoons were printed in many albums of international exhibitions and competitions. In 2002 he started the "Cartoonists Union of Azerbaijan" and till 2006 he was the president of this organization. He was organizer of the international cartoon competitions “Molla Nasreddin” and “Smiling Cat“. He is also director of the Cartoon News Center "Humortoons International" and chief-editor of “Humor” international cartoon magazine. He was member of the jury in more than 42 international cartoon competitions. He did win more than 100 awards in international cartoon competitions. He had personal exhibitions in Iran, Turkey and France.


The cartoon is his life, he dedicated his life to cartoon.
Seyran mostly gets the inspiration for his cartoons after midnight. He goes out in the fresh air, watches the stars in the sky and at thinks about what he should draw. Themes find him itself in the dark of the night. Then puts it on paper and goes to sleep.


“We always need humor and satire during our life. Our life is like humor and satire. Our joy looks like humor, our grief looks like satire. Humor and Satire!”




You can visit his exhibition in the ECC from 28 January till 8 April 2018, every Sunday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm. Groups of 10 persons or more are welcome on other days by appointment.