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Exhibitions - Klaus Pitter - Austria

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From 26 january till 20 september 2020

Klaus Pitter was born 1947 in Timelkam, Austria. He studied Graphic Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He lives and works in Vienna as free lance cartoonist and illustrator.


He illustrated books on environmental education „Umweltspürnasen“, many schoolbooks and some cartoon- and comicbooks. His cartoons have been published in German and Austrian papers and magazines, today in the Austrian magazines „konsument“ and „Weltgewissen“. He had solo-exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland – and Belgium..! He partizipated in cartoon- and poster-exhibitions worldwide, and was awarded at many international cartoon contests. He has been drawing comics with kids („Comic-Werkstatt“) in Vienna for some years and took part in international „plenairs“ in Czechia and Ukraine.


“It all started when I was about 15 years old. Twice a year my class used to go to Vienna by train to attend a classical concert. At that time classical music was extremly boring for me and the concerts seemed to last an eternity. To shorten the time I began to think of little stories which I wanted to draw later on at home. I had to remember them all our way home, where I finally rushed into my room to bring them to paper.

I had a book at that time which I loved a lot. I looked at it over and over again: „Who is Who of Cartoonists“. There where all my heroes... Bosc, Sempé, Ronald Searle, André Francois, Saul Steinberg, Paul Flora... I loved them all and I admired their unique styles. I was terribly afraid of getting too similar to one of my idols. I was never statisfied...

It's quite different today. I don't think the „style“ is an end in itself... the way you draw should support your ideas to come out clearly. The first and most important step is the idea – the „style“ will emerge from the idea and is just a tool to express your thought.

By the way, I love classical music today. It's definitly not boring and I still find it very inspiring.”




You can visit the exhibition in the ECC till 20 September 2020, every Sunday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm.