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Exhibitions - Valerii Momot: welcome to "Momots Life"

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From 28 january till 24 march 2024

Welcome to "Momots Life"


This exhibition takes you into the mind of Ukrainian cartoonist Valerii Momot and gives you a glimpse into his unique cartoon world. The exhibition showcases a collection of Momot's cartoons, touching on various themes that can make you think and also bring a smile to your face.


Momot believes it is important for cartoons to radiate optimism and convey a hopeful message. Cartoons about peace and positivity, according to Momot, can highlight the importance of friendship, tolerance, and solidarity. He is convinced that cartoons can help raise awareness of the many problems that exist and at the same time bring about positive change.


"Laughing together brings people closer. It gives us a sense of belonging, unites us, and erases differences. It helps us understand each other better. In that sense, humor is truly a powerful tool in resolving conflicts. Laughing, as long as it is done with respect, can make society stronger, and as cartoonists, we can contribute to a better world where the focus is on harmony and well-being," says Momot.


Valerii Momot was born in 1972 in Melitopol, Ukraine. He developed a passion for drawing at a young age and created his first cartoon in 1985. He studied Architecture at the Dnepropetrovsk Academy. He has published cartoons in magazines and newspapers and has also worked for TV. In addition, he is a graphic designer and painter. He has participated in numerous national and international cartoon competitions and has won several awards.


Step into Momot's life and who knows, he may inspire you to spread that positive vibe.

The exhibition at the ECC can be visited from 28 January to 24 March 2024, every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.