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Previous exhibitions - Cartoons van Ludo Goderis

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From 28 june till 13 september 2009

During the summer the European Cartoon Center always puts the work of his house cartoonist in the spotlight. This year this is Ludo Goderis.


Ludo was born in 1961 at Zeebrugge and since 12 years he lives with his wife and four children in Bruges.


He inherited his talent for drawing from his father, and apparently he also passed it on to his 3 sons and daughter. "No topic is so boring that there is no humor in it - on the contrary: the drier the matter, the more chance there is a hilarious side to" said Ludo. No wonder that as auto-didact he became a respected cartoonist.


Ludo is since 30 years active as cartoonist and illustrator and won more than 65 national and international prizes. He drew political cartoons for the newspaper 'De Standaard' and worked for the Belgian Television, Columbia Pictures, InBev, Ecover, Nestle, LANNOO, ECOVER, NCMV, CBR, Voca, SECUREX ... He had personal exhibitions a.o. in Osaka and Porto.


Come visit the world of this Belgian international topcartoonist. Warning: there is a risk of lasting smile wrinkles.


More info about Ludo you can find in the section 'house cartoonist' and on www.ludocartoons.be


You can visit the exhibition from 28th June till 13th September 2009 in the ECC in Kruishoutem Belgium, every sunday from 10 to 12am and 2 to 5pm.