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Previous exhibitions - Humor als Wapen - spotprenten in de Groote Oorlog

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From 29 june till 21 september 2014

War and humour? Two things that, at first glance, are incompatible.

However, cartoons had an enormous impact during World War I. Humour was a powerful propaganda weapon during this war, but it was also a strategy for survival, in which amusement and comradeship helped civilians and soldiers bear their situation. Caricatures and other derisive drawings certainly had a soothing power, in addition to their strategic aspect.

This exhibition certainly does not aim to trace the history of the war through cartoons. Our aim is more to invite you to step into the war years. Put yourself in the skin of this soldier setting off for the front, or this starving citizen desperate to flee...


The exhibition is organized around three themes:
• The life at the front
• The impact on the population
• Cartoons as a propaganda tool.


Some artists who were active in the First World War are placed in the spotlight: Bruce Bairnsfather, Olaf Gulbransson, Albert Hahn, Alberto Martini, Louis Raemaekers, Giuseppe Scalarini and George van Raemdonck.


The old cartoons are complemented by contemporary cartoons about war and violence, and the hope for peace that also lives in the international symbol of the 'peace dove'. With drawings of Angel Boligan, Rousso, Pierre Ballouhey, Mikhail Zlatkovsky, Pavel Kuczynski, Kianoush Remezani, Mohsen Asadi, Cecile Bertrand, Cost, Dieter Bevers, Herbert Vanoystaeyen, Nikola Hendrickx, Patrick Heymans, Stefaan Provijn, Norbert Van Yperzeele ...


In collaboration with the History Circle of Kruishoutem 'Hultheim' we also exhibit posters, photos and information boards that show that the inhabitants of Kruishoutem also were hit by the Great War.


The exhibition was organized by a working group: Edwin De Borggraeve, Filip Gevaert, Saskia Gheysens, Jan Oplinus, Herman Somers, Kurt Vangheluwe and Fernand Vogels.


With the collaboration of: 'Hultheim' Kruishoutem, Liberaal Archief, Maison du Tourisme Ardennes brabançonnes, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces Brussels, Persmuseum Amsterdam, Israeli Cartoon Museum Holon, vzw IHA Boechout, Jean-Marie Bertin and Paul Van Damme.


You can visit the exhibition from June 29 to September 21, 2014 in the ECC, every Sunday from 10 to 12 and 14 to 17 hours. Groups of 10 persons or more are welcome on other days by appointment.


After the exhibition in Kruishoutem "Humour can be a weapon" will also be presented in Wavre, Rixensart, Eupen, Brussels ...

Some pictures of the exhibition and the opening ceremony ...