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The jury of the 16de Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2007 'Locks and Keys'

André NOLLET, voorzitter

André Nollet has for several years been the president of the jury of the Euro-Kartoenale, a task which he accomplishes will the required common sense.


Till 1999 he was the sports cartoonist of the newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" and now he is presenting a humoristic approach of the actuality in "Het Laatste Nieuws" (the edition of Ghent). He is also the spiritual father of "Oscar Palmkens" and the successor of the regretted cartoonist Brasser in the weekly "'t Pallieterke".


The definition of his own: serious, funny and relativating.


His answer to the question what's important as member of a jury is laconic: "That the other members of the jury also know something about cartoons" (hahaha).


Bing (Ronald Libin)

Ronald Libin, known as cartoonist 'Bing', is a regular member of the jury of the Euro-Kartoenale.


Over more than 30 years he worked as publicity painter and graphical designer. In the 80's he found the time to pick up the thread of his passion, drawing cartoons. Besides drawing, he started to investigate more and more time in the organisation of cartoonexhibitions all over the world and to the edition of the international cartoonmagazine FECONEWS.


He was also President-General of FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organisations) and was member of the jury in a great number of international cartoonfestivals in Knokke-Heist, Kruishoutem, Gran Canaria but also China, Iran . A jury member with a lot of experience!


Bob Vincke

Bob Vincke is the founder of KEVER, the Belgian cartoonist organization, and in 1984 together with Peter Nieuwendyck he set up FECO, the Federation of Cartoonists Organizations Worldwide.


He won a lot of important prizes in Belgium and abroad and he publishes cartoons in different magazines. He may say to have a lot of experience as member of a jury: a name in Kruishoutem, but also in other important international cartoon contests.


His device is: "Humour is often the contrary of reality!". In a good drawing, the composition and the content form a humoristic entity.


Typical for Bob: his passion, his social character and his sense for humour.


KT Haes (Herman Somers)

Herman had an artistic schooling and he is an all-rounder (paintings, drawings, graphics, mezzo-tint). His works can regularly be admired in individual and group exhibitions.


He won a lot of prizes as cartoonist (Antwerp, Hoeilaart, Willebroek,.) and he is publishing as free-lancer in the daily "Gazet van Antwerpen". Herman is a regular jury member of cartoon contests (Luchtvaartkartoenale, George Van Raemdonckkartoenale Boechout and the Euro-kartoenale). As member of the editorial staff of the cartoon magazines Kever, Bolleke and Scherper, he knows very well what's happening in the cartoon world.


According to Herman, a cartoon has a "double bottom" and can be "read" in different ways. The idea must be developed in a subtle way, with a "healthy" graphic composition.


Attention, according to himself, Herman is: implosive, contemplative and subversive.



Carlos is a kind of outsider in the jury. He is a psychologist with great interest in cartoons. For years he has been member of the jury of the Euro-Kartoenale. His contribution can in this way be considered as an obvious surplus value.


According to Carlos, a cartoon has to affect, to be amusing and evoke a large smile, sometimes a little grin. To grab a prize, the drawing has to be original and exceed the medium.


The jury is open for everything, the personal preferences and vision of the world don't pass beyond the door of the jury room. The winning cartoon is often the one with the most divergences of opinions. A judging is free from mental or visual-artistic limits.


Three headwords Carlos is using to define himself: grandfather, humor and eager to learn.


IAN (Jan De Graeve)

Jan De Graeve, also one of the regular members of the jury, gives ironic commentary on the Belgian political world.


He makes drawings in different publications, but now he confines himself principally to graphical contributions in the weekly "Knack".


He has a characteristic simplified style of drawing. He was also the first to introduce text-balloons in political cartoons.


As member of the jury he attaches great importance to the direct approach, the "double bottom" and a unique graphical style.


Luc VERMEERSCH, winnaar van de Euro-Kartoenale 2005 'De Huisschilder'

Luc is the winner of the previous edition of the Euro-Kartoenale. For the first time he is member of the jury in an international cartoon contest.


He is the proud owner of a lot of prizes in national and international cartoon contests (Knokke, Ottowa, Olen, Razgard, Bredene, Sint-Truiden).


He describes himself as curious and introvert. That's why he prefers a CD above an appearance in public.


As member of the jury he will pay attention to the simplicity. When hundreds of cartoons pass the review, you don't have the time to stop at each cartoon and think about the gag.


Fernand Clapdorp

As representative of the sponsor, Fernand Clapdorp will first of all have an eye for the original approach of the theme "Locks and keys".

He is the Business Development Director of the Assa Abloy Group; so, the theme has no secrets for him. It's up to you, the artist, to surprise him with your cartoon.