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22nd Euro-kartoenale: The Wall

In 2019 it is exactly 30 years ago that the Berlin Wall fell. Today we see new boundary walls erected all over the world. This inspired us to the theme for this 22nd edition of the Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem: ‘The Wall - in all its forms’.


For this edition, no less than 985 cartoonists from 87 countries (an absolute record) sent in 2750 cartoons. Boundary walls, prisons, walls between people… all these themes inspired the participants.

You find the list of participants and the selection for the exhibition and catalog on our site.


The jury


The international jury faced a very difficult task and they awarded following


Prizes winners:


- 1st prize: Dogan Arslan (Turkey)
- 2nd prize: Luis Demetrio Calvo Mecho (Costa Rica)
- 3rd prize: Jalal Pirmarzanad (Iran)
- Best European Entry: Andrzej Krawczak (Poland)
- Best Belgian Entry: Herwig Beyaert
- Prize of the ECC: Jean-Loïc Belom (France)
- Cover Award: Agim Sulaj (Italy)


Honorable mentions: Valentin Druzihin (Russia), Nikola Listes (Croatia), Mahmood Nazari (Iran) and Mikhail Zlatkovski (Russia).


Congratulations to all!


The winning cartoons... 


You can buy the catalog with some 100 selected cartoons in our e-shop.


More info and images:


Some pictures of the jury meeting

and a movie on YouTube

Some pictures of the prize giving ceremony and the cartoonevent in the street


The rules of the contest


Our partners


European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem