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House Cartoonist 2018: Mario De Koninck (AAaRGh)

AAaRGh  is the 2018 house cartoonist of the European Cartoon Center.

'AAaRGh ...' is the pseudonym of Mario De Koninck.


He began his career as a cartoonist in 2001 in the Flemish weekly magazine TeVe-Blad. Cartoonist AAaRGh ... specializes in contemporary cartoons and customized cartoons.

His work appears, among others, in the Flemish magazines Metro, Story, TeVeBlad, De Streekkrant, Sp! Ts and De Zondag. He works for BNP ParibasFortis, Alcon, Bierblad, DataNews, publishing house Averbode, publishing house Van In, publishing house Malmberg, ...

He also presents his work on stage, in a brand new theater genre: Cartoon Comedy. In a lively style he filters current events, and at the same time gives answers to frequently asked questions.

Besides being a cartoonist, AAaRGh ... is an experienced improviser at De Nonsens Alliantie, and he participated in many TV and radio programs.




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