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House Cartoonist 2018: Mario De Koninck (AAaRGh)

AAaRGh is the 2018 house cartoonist of the European Cartoon Center.

'AAaRGh ...' is the pseudonym of Mario De Koninck. As house cartoonist he has his personal exhibition in the ECC during the summer.


He has been drawing for several newspapers, magazines, companies and publishers for 20 years. His work appears among others in Metro, TeVe-Blad, This Week and De Zondag.


For Het Nieuwsblad online he makes weekly 3 cartoon puzzles that are particularly popular and there is also AAaRGh...-merchandising with funny coffee mugs, tea bags and flower pots.

In addition, he also draws the comic series Familie De Koninck, in which he tells true anecdotes and hilarious statements by his daughters Jolien and Lena.


He also presents his cartoon humor as Cartoon Comedy: a self-invented theater genre in which he combines stand-up comedy with projection of his cartoons. Besides being a cartoonist, AAaRGh ... is an experienced improviser at De Nonsens Alliantie, and he participated in many TV and radio programs.


In 2017 he wrote the fairy tale "The princess who had everything" where for the illustrations he laid aside his drawing pencil for once and appealed to fellow artist Nikola (IOA) Hendrickx. A successful collaboration between the current house cartoonist of the European Cartoon Center and the house cartoonist of last year. And they are already working on a sequel to 'The princess who had everything'.




You can visit his exhibition in the ECC from 24 June till 23 September 2018, every Sunday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm. Groups of 10 persons or more are welcome on other days by appointment.


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